Tavon Austin Finally Showing Electrifying Play Making Ability For St. Louis Rams

By Ryan Wenzell
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Tavon Austin did the unthinkable on Sunday. He became the third player in NFL history to have three touchdowns of at least 55 yards as a rookie no less. This is the type of electrifying achievements Austin is capable of on a football field.

Austin’s huge day included an 81-yard touchdown reception, a 98-yard punt return, and was topped off with a 57-yard touchdown reception. The St. Louis Rams weren’t playing any slouch either. The Indianapolis Colts feature a pretty stout defensive squad especially at home.

Austin torched them and made them look completely foolish in the process. Austin’s potential and ability was untapped until yesterday. We had seen flashes of his trademark electricity here and there, but he never put together the complete package. We see now how dangerous Austin can be when given the right opportunity.

Just as shocking as Austin’s performance was the result. The Rams destroyed a playoff bound Colt team in their home stadium. The one-man Austin show accounted for almost three times as many points as the Colts scored total on the afternoon.

We all know the Rams are a talented bunch, but they have grossly under performed this season and are playing with a backup quarterback no less. This game was simply an embarrassing loss for Andrew Luck and the Colts.

The story of the day, however, was Austin. He needs to be the focal point of the Rams’ offensive attack now and going forward. He is capable of being the most explosive player in football and may very well have the best pure speed in the game. He needs at least 10 to 15  touches per week.

The Rams finally unveiled their shiny new toy to full effect on Sunday. His coming out party could be the start of a very special career.

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