Ways Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith Is Better Than Peyton Manning

By Troy Alan

Peyton Manning this and Peyton Manning that, etc. It seems it’s all we hear while watching, listening to or reading about the NFL these days. With utmost respect to him for his accomplishments, I’d like to point out that in some statistical categories, he isn’t all that.

Going into the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday Night Football matchup with the Denver Broncos, I can point out at least four ways Alex Smith is a better quarterback this season than Manning. Of course I’m not going to delve into passing attempts, yardage, completion percentage, points or QB rating … Only a fool would do so, but here’s what I have.

Keeping in mind that Smith has been sacked exactly twice as many times (26) as Peyton (13) this year and they both have a rushing touchdown, let’s break it down:

First off, Alex has rushed for 265 yards this season. He is Kansas City’s second leading rusher and is averaging 5.0 per attempt, and 29.4 per game. In comparison, Manning, while seldom under duress, has run for -27 yards this year on 24 attempts for a game average of -1.

Secondly, Peyton has thrown six interceptions to Smith’s four, and again he’s had better protection. Two of those INTs have been returned for TDs; the Chiefs QB has had none taken to the house.

Thirdly, Smith has fumbled twice in 2013 even though he’s run the ball more than twice as many times (53) as Manning (24). Denver’s No. 18 has coughed it up seven times. Let me repeat myself, Alex has more than double the carries and exactly double the sacks of Manning.

Lastly, Kansas City under the leadership of No. 11 is undefeated, nine and zero! That trumps 8-1 any day. Oh, and Smith isn’t icing his aging ankles right now.

So how many reasons is he better than Peyton? I lost count…

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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