5 NFL Quarterbacks Primed for Bounce-Back Performances in Week 11

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Who Will Rebound From Rough Week 10 Performances?

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The National Football League is without a doubt a passing league. Sunday, however, did not yield the same eye-opening performances through the air that fans are accustomed to experiencing. Week 10’s best passer was, not surprisingly, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints with 392 passing yards and four touchdowns.

But after Brees, there wasn’t much to celebrate for fans of passing-style offenses. The quarterback who threw for the second-most yards in Week 10 appears on this list of QBs who will bounce back in Week 11. Why does he need to bounce-back if he threw for the second-most yardage in Week 10, you ask? Well, three interceptions are nothing to be proud about.

Two quarterbacks who will bounce back in Week 11 faced each other in Week 10. Their respective defenses are very stout, so it heavily hindered their individual passing statistics. This coming Sunday when they face easier opposing defenses look for them to break out of their short-lived slumps.

Speaking of breaking out of a slump, Robert Griffin III did just that. He threw for 281 yards and three touchdowns in the Thursday Night Football game against the Minnesota Vikings. He will not appear on this list mainly because he is not in need of a bounce-back game; he will in fact regress this coming Sunday. He has not been playing consistent enough football to display a repeat performance.

The following five quarterbacks are too good to continue to struggle. They are among the best in the NFL and are the most important pieces to their respective teams' offensive schemes. Look for these five quarterbacks to bounce back from rough Week 10 performances. The only question remains: who will have the best rebound game of Week 11?

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5. Andy Dalton


Andy Dalton didn’t have a very good game Sunday in Baltimore against the Ravens. If A.J. Green hadn’t caught his Hail Mary pass to tie the game at 17 as time expired, he would be even more heavily ridiculed. Dalton failed to surpass 300 passing yards for the first time since Oct. 6 against the New England Patriots; he recorded just 274 yards despite throwing the ball 51 times. Next Sunday Cincinnati faces the Cleveland Browns, who should yield a better day for Dalton than Baltimore did this Sunday.

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4. Colin Kaepernick


Colin Kaepernick threw for a career-low 91 yards on Sunday against the very good Carolina Panthers defense. He also went down for a career-high six sacks at home against Carolina. In addition, not a single one of his passes beyond 10 yards down the field were complete. It was a downright awful game for both Kaepernick and the 49ers, but something will budge this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are a tough passing defense, but Kaepernick has to be able to display something better than what he showed against the Panthers. He'll be playing where he lost Super Bowl XLVII in February, so there will be a chip of shoulder. Mario Manningham has returned from injury, and there are even rumors that Michael Crabtree will be able to play Sunday. The more targets the better for Kaepernick.

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3. Cam Newton


Similar to Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton faced a dominant opposing defense Sunday in the San Francisco 49ers. Newton completed just 50-percent of his passes for 169 yards and an interception. Newton has been great of late, though. Before Sunday he hadn’t gone below a 60-percent completion percentage since Oct. 6 against the Arizona Cardinals. He will return home next week as the Panthers host the New England Patriots who are good but not great at preventing the pass. He’ll get an opportunity to bounce back from his poor start in San Francisco last Sunday.

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2. Tony Romo


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has been off-and-on over his past five games, and this Sunday was most definitely an off day for the 33-year-old. Romo completed just 10 of his 24 passes for 128 yards and one touchdown. This performance was a huge drop off from his 337-yard, two-touchdown game one Sunday prior. Romo has an opportunity to bounce back this coming Sunday against the New York Giants,who allow the 11th-fewest passing yards in the league at 226.9 per game. The Giants also rank 11th in rushing yards allowed per game so one part of the Cowboys offense has got to flourish, and I thinking Romo will improve on his Week 10 performance.

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1. Andrew Luck


Andrew Luck without a doubt had the most disappointing afternoon in Week 10 of the NFL. The Most Valuable Player candidate threw three interceptions and just one touchdown while earning a 13.8 QBR in the Colts’ 38-8 upset loss to the St. Louis Rams. Luck was just nowhere close to on his game early on. He finished with 353 passing yards, but most of that came in garbage time while playing from behind. This Sunday Indianapolis hosts the Tennessee Titans who excel at pass defense but gave the Jacksonville Jaguars their first win of the season in Week 10. Morale will be low in the Tennesee locker room, and Luck will have a chance at kicking the Titans while they’re down.