Brandon Boykin Standing Out In Philadelphia Eagles' Secondary

By Ryan Wenzell
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Boykin was the defensive difference maker for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. The ball hawking second-year corner filled in admirably for Bradley Fletcher on the outside and looks versatile enough to make plays anywhere in the secondary.

Usually Boykin plays the slot, but he was asked to matchup outside with the variety of talented receivers the Green Bay Packers feature and he took the challenge head on. Boykin was rarely beaten and made a huge play in the red zone that totally tilted the momentum of the game.

Boykin stepped in front of his man, intercepted a Scott Tolzien pass and almost returned it for a pick-six before being chased down. Teammates razzed him a little for the 4.4 40-time Boykin to be chased down by a tight end.

Regardless, this is what Boykin is capable of in the secondary in this defense. Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis wants his corners to play feisty and aggressive, and Boykin followed that game plan to perfection.

The Eagles’ defense and secondary in particular was much maligned heading into the season and after the first few weeks, all the criticism looked justified. The Eagles’ defense is slowly but surely coming together now, though, Especially the secondary. Guys are building trust in one another and it is really showing on the football field.

Boykin for a young guy has a great overall feel and instinct for the game. Those instincts kicked in and led to his pick. If Boykin can keep up his level of play, this defense is well on it’s way to becoming better than any of us expected.

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