Dwayne Bowe Misread Kansas City Chiefs' Memo on Denver Broncos Game

By Troy Alan

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was pulled over for speeding late last night and was consequently arrested for possession of marijuana. He and two other occupants in the vehicle were found to be in possession of a combined 16.8 grams of the controlled substance, including two rolled cigarettes weighing 2.2 grams.

To put it into perspective, if Bowe and company rolled 1.1 gram joints, they didn’t possess enough pot to fill a cigarette pack full of them. That’s not intended to excuse his actions, but to give you a visual of the total amount the three occupants were in possession of.

Bowe was suspended for four games back in 2009 for violating the NFL‘s performance-enhancing substance policy, which is completely different. The league will review this incident under their regulations regarding substance abuse.

If typical protocol is followed, no action will be taken until Bowe receives his day in court which is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 18. The Chiefs, however, may not want to gamble on that. It could leave them playing in the last two games of the season without him.

Those games would be at home against the Indianapolis Colts and on the road against a division rival in San Diego. Should Roger Goodell decide a four-game suspension is in order, Kansas City could be without their third-leading receiver in the playoffs.

Hypothetically, if the Chiefs wound up with a first-round bye, No. 82 would not be available to them until the Super Bowl.

Regardless of the somewhat pettiness of the offence, Bowe has now taken some of the Chiefs’ organizational resources away from the task at hand. They must now focus on the best way to handle this unnecessary situation.

The best possible scenario for Kansas City would be a guilty plea, apology, outpatient rehab and a one-game suspension. Preferably, it’d be the week of Bowe’s court date when the Chiefs travel to Oakland.

Kansas City was counting on No. 82 making some brilliant moves against the Denver Broncos this week on Sunday Night Football. The Chiefs will need the points. Apparently Bowe misread the memo and thought last Sunday night was when he was supposed to steal the spotlight with joints. It was not a very smart move.

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia.

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