Peyton Manning's Nagging Injuries Could Be A Problem For Denver Broncos

By Ryan Wenzell

Denver Broncos fans should be worried. Peyton Manning has taken a beating in the past few weeks and at times, he’s looked like he wasn’t going to get up. That didn’t change last Sunday. Their were times when he grimaced and writhed in pain as defenders sacked him and pulled him down by his injured ankles.

It certainly wasn’t a sight for sore eyes. Manning, a quarterback who is always among the league leaders in terms of limiting the number of sacks he takes, has dropped like a corpse over the past few weeks. I have never seen him take such a beating. It looks like Ryan Clady‘s absence along the offensive line is finally being felt in a major way.

To the naked eye, it does not look like Manning will last the season. Interim head coach Jack Del Rio has already come out and said he will definitely play. That’s all well and good, but good luck with that. Things don’t get any easier for Manning; in fact, they got a whole lot worse.

The Kansas City Chiefs come into town with the most feared front-seven in the entire league. Guys like Justin Houston and Tamba Hali have been terrorizing quarterbacks all season long. They will now feast on a Manning who is less than 100 percent. If the Broncos lock up a playoff spot in a few more games, it may be best for them to lose the battle and not the war. Once a playoff berth is secured, resting Manning may be the best and only course of action to save his body for when it counts.

We all know Manning can win in any environment because he’s that good. We will see if Manning looks any better Sunday or if he comes out of the game looking healthy. If he continues to limp his way through games, it would be silly for the Broncos not to shelf him until the games really matter — or else they’ll risk losing him altogether.

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