Philadelphia Eagles Need LeSean McCoy To Be Back For Good

By Bob Francis
LeSean McCoy
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It had been a while since LeSean McCoy had really taken the reins of a football game for the Philadelphia Eagles, but most knew it would only be a matter of time before he broke one open. The leading rusher in the NFL had been held in check for the past three games until he was able to burst the bubble Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. McCoy went off for 155 yards on 25 carries, and although he didn’t score a touchdown he made the difference in the final quarter as the Eagles ate up clock.

It wasn’t like Shady opened it up again against a mediocre defensive group. The Packers’ defense is tough and hovers around the top ten in run defense week in and week out. Many had thoughts that it was Nick Foles that had been the difference in McCoy’s game. The performance by the offensive line on Sunday really proved that to be untrue, because once he was able to get to the next level and face tacklers one on one, Shady was at his best.

With another huge game on the horizon, as well as a chance at the division lead, the Eagles can only hope that McCoy can now keep it rolling for the remainder of the season so they can ride their horse into a playoff spot and an achievement that many doubted entering the season. Many knew that in Chip Kelly’s run-oriented offense that McCoy would become the centerpiece, but few could have predicted he would have the All-Pro year he is currently producing.

Defenses should be put on warning because if the offensive line and McCoy can keep things going the Philadelphia offense just may be the lethally potent group many predicted at the beginning of the year. Paired with the much improved defense, the Eagles become a pretty viable team and one not many would be anxious to see late in the season.

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LeSean McCoy And Philadelphia Eagles’ Running Game Back In Business

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