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5 Teams Tim Tebow Could Sign With This Upcoming Offseason

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Tim Tebow: 5 Teams Who Could Sign The Quarterback Heading Into 2014

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It seems as if the rumor mill never stops buzzing around the idea of former NFL starting quarterback Tim Tebow. Even just yesterday, rumors surfaced that Tebow is contemplating a career in broadcasting. Nevertheless, Tebow’s livelihood as an NFL QB may not be over just yet.

As the NFL season is in full swing and headed into Week 11, most teams are already set in their ways and systems and will not be looking to pick up Tebow. The upcoming offseason, on the other hand, may be a time of endless phone calls between Tebow’s agent and teams’ front offices. There are several NFL teams who could use Tebow’s help and specific skill set. The 6-3 former University of Florida standout is highly criticized for a poor throwing motion which leads to a low passing efficiency, but the one potential saving grace for Tebow’s career is his reputation as a winner.

Despite having led the Gators to a BCS National Championship win in 2009, Tebow’s entrance into the NFL as a Denver Bronco was highly disputed. Even after he replaced Kyle Orton as starting quarterback, turned the Broncos’ season around and managed to pull off a miracle win in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tebow got the cold shoulder when his former team signed Peyton Manning.

The New York Jets never gave Tebow a real shot to show what he could do, even while Mark Sanchez was struggling. The New England Patriots never had a reason to give Tebow a chance with Tom Brady under the helm. In the 2014 NFL season, some team could very well finally give Tebow another shot.

As such, it is time to start the slideshow of five teams who could sign Tim Tebow in the upcoming offseason. Click on the “Next” button above to get started.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have stumbled to an awful season thus far. Despite getting their first 2013 win in Week 10, their QB troubles are well-known and still unresolved. After the team opted to use Mike Glennon over Josh Freeman, they opened themselves a can of worms. Glennon’s win last week also happened to be his worst performance in terms of passing yards, completions and completion percentage. The Bucs will have a high draft pick and could opt to go after one of the talented quarterbacks coming out of college, but they would still do well to go after Tebow. He could come into their system and help return the team to its winning ways.

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Minnesota Vikings

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Having struggled to a dismal 2-7 record, the Minnesota Vikings, are in need of a change. Christian Ponder led the Vikings to a 10-6 record in 2012, but he has been clearly incapable of keeping the team afloat in 2013. Although the offense has scored an average of 24.44 points per game, Ponder’s 10 turnovers have not helped his defense keep opponents’ point totals down. Tebow could fit nicely in to Leslie Frazier’s scheme and could aid the Vikings in turning their organization around. They have all of the offensive pieces except for a quarterback who can get the job done and Tebow could be that missing link.

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Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills need to figure out their QB situation and they need to do it quickly. The team has started E.J. Manuel, Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel this season and although Manuel has had success in the past, his injury struggles and lack of consistency make it difficult to pencil him in as the starter for the long haul. Manuel is a mobile quarterback, as is Tebow, so the two could have a very interesting starting QB battle this offseason if the Bills sign Tebow.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

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Neither Chad Henne nor Blaine Gabbert appear to be the answer for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bringing Tebow back to Florida could be not only a boost for the team offensively, but could also provide a surge in ticket sales and overall revenue. There have already been calls for Tebow to be signed from fans, as is evident from the picture above, and Jacksonville could very well be home to Tebow in 2014.

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Tennessee Titans

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At four wins and five losses, the Tennessee Titans have the best record on this list of teams in need of a new QB, but still could use Tebow if they signed him. Jake Locker has been underwhelming in his first three years in the NFL and now it seems a foot injury might derail the rest of his season. Although you can’t blame the guy for the games he will be missing, it is safe to assume he was going to continue in mediocrity. Tebow could fit well into Tennessee’s system and might just be a Titan in 2014.

That does it for the slideshow. Please comment on which team you think is most likely to sign Tebow and whether or not you think playing in the NFL again is a good idea for him. Thanks for reading!