Houston Texans Would Be Foolish To Not Commit To Case Keenum

By Andrew Fisher

Gary Kubiak is back with the Houston Texans and plans to roam the sidelines as usual in week 11. It looked really bad when the head coach went down at halftime two weeks back, but he appears to have dodged a major health bullet. So while Kubiak’s return to Houston is a great thing, the harsh reality is that the Texans are a woeful 2-7. Those seven losses have also come all in a row. Long story short, the Texans are in a really messy situation.

Arian Foster has been lost for the year and long-time starting QB Matt Schaub is now riding the bench. However, the big positive in the Texans’ train wreck of a season is no doubt Case Keenum. The second-year QB has played extremely well since taking over for Schaub three games back, but Kubiak still won’t commit to the youngster.

During a Wednesday press conference, Kubiak flat out said that Keenum will have to continue to play well to remain the team’s starter. While his answer is an obvious one, because poor play doesn’t get QBs anywhere, there’s still absolutely no reason for the Texans to go back to Schaub. Even if Keenum struggles a bit in the coming weeks, they need to ride it out.

The remainder of 2013 is basically an audition for Keenum. If he can continue on his current pace, the Texans will clearly have their man for 2014. If he starts to tail off, maybe they’ll look back to the draft for help? Either way, Schaub should be done in Houston.

It’s also possible that Kubiak isn’t committing to Keenum, just to keep the young QB on his toes.


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