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5 Reasons Why Green Bay Packers Should Start Matt Flynn

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Why Matt Flynn Should Start for Green Bay Packers

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With Aaron Rodgers out for at least the next two weeks, the Green Bay Packers have signed Matt Flynn, who was Rodgers' understudy for four seasons before signing a lucrative contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Flynn has since kicked around the league, but his six-touchdown performance in 2011 still lives on in Packers' lore.

Now, fresh off of the free agent scrap heap, Flynn may be called upon to lead the Packers to victory while Rodgers heals for the home stretch to the playoffs. Scott Tolzien, who came in last week for the injure Seneca Wallace, is reportedly set to get the start against the New York Giants, but it is likely he will have a short leash after his two-interception performance in the team's 27-13 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the team may be better suited to just skip the prelude and go straight to Flynn.

Flynn is a guy who has won games in this league, while Tolzien did not throw his first NFL pass until last week. Tolzien fans (if those exist) may point to his 280 yards last week as a sign of potential, but that was actually 30 yards less than the Eagles' 31s-ranked pass defense allows on a weekly basis.

Flynn may never throw for six touchdowns in a game again, but against the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings, he won't have to. All they need is a guy that can move the ball and not make mistakes, something Flynn is more than capable of.

Here are five more reasons why Flynn should get the starting nod over Tolzien.

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5. Flynn Knows the Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Leap
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This is not a run-of-the-mill street free agent being picked up and sent out to the dogs by his head coach (I'm looking at you, Leslie Frazier). Flynn spent four seasons with the Packers, where he filled in for Aaron Rodgers well enough to earn himself millions of dollars elsewhere. Mike McCarthy continues to captain the ship, while Tom Clements, the quarterbacks coach during Flynn's years, has since been promoted to the teams Offensive Coordinator. The system should be all-but the same, and Flynn should pick it up easily after a two-year hiatus.

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4. He’s Not Scott Tolzien

Big Head Flynn
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People seem to rip Flynn for making so much money in his career based off of such a small sample size. But let's consider the alternative: A 26-year-old "veteran" quarterback who did not attempt his first NFL pass until last week. On the day, Tolzien threw two interceptions and one touchdown against the Eagles' 31st-ranked pass defense. Sure makes Flynn's 10 career touchdowns and 1,300 passing yards look a lot better doesn't it?

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3. He Really Likes Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson
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Not that there's anything wrong with that. In the one game that Flynn and Nelson started together, it was for explosive results. Flynn targeted Nelson to the tune of nine catches for 162 yards in his record-setting day against the Detroit Lions, which still stands as Nelson’s best game in NFL career.

That was a breakout game for Nelson, and he has grown into the Packers' unquestioned primary receiver. Nelson should be targeted early and often with Flynn out there on Sunday, so fantasy owners can pencil Nelson into their starting lineup with little hesitation.

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2. 90.4

QB Rating
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That's Flynn's quarterback rating, for his career. Again, pundits (specifically Stephen A. Smith) like to rip Flynn for his financial successes based off limited NFL opportunities. However, Flynn has yet to play poorly in any game that he has received significant playing time.

There of course is the Lions game of 2011, that critics like to point out as a mere outlier. However, against the New England Patriots in 2010, he threw for three touchdowns and just one interception, nearly out-dueling Tom Brady in a shootout. In his lone start this season, he completed two-thirds of his passes for a touchdown and a pick against the Washington Redskins.

The main knock on Flynn has been that he was brought in to be a starter on two occasions and was beaten out both times. In hindsight, is there really any shame in losing out to Russell Wilson? As far as the Oakland Raiders are concerned, their offense is based off of designed runs and wild scrambles from Terrelle Pryor. If you ask me, the Oakland Raiders did Flynn a favor to not put Flynn behind that Raiders' line.

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1. The Packers Are Not All About Aaron Rodgers

Matt Flynn
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Not this season at least. With the addition of Eddie Lacy and an improved offensive line, the Packers have a running game they can actually rely on for the first time in the Rodgers era. Behind Lacy and the re-invigorated James Starks, the Packers have the league's sixth-ranked rushing offense. All the team needs is a quarterback that can move the chains and not turn the ball over. Enter Flynn.