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5 Reasons Why You Can Stick a Fork in the Jacksonville Jaguars

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5 Reasons Why The Jaguars Are Done This Season

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have been an absolute disaster this season.

With far too many weaknesses on both sides of the ball, struggling players all over the field and a new coaching staff that hasn’t been able to fully implement their ideas, it was widely expected that they would struggle as it was known from day one that this roster wasn’t assembled to compete.

But, that doesn’t mean that their sloppy play has gone unnoticed.

An argument could be made to say that the Jaguars' season was over from day one -- or even before -- as the bar was set at an all-time low after the 2-14 campaign last year, but the truth is exactly that: the Jaguars’ season is all but over and the team's only hope now is to draft high enough to get as many impact players as possible to turn things around.

Some situations have been very stressful for the team. Before the start of the season, it was known that Blaine Gabbert was going to be the starter coming into the campaign. Several injuries and his dismal play when he was on the field, however, promoted Chad Henne to a starting role where he has looked average at best. There aren’t many resources on offense for this team and the lack of talent on the roster is simply incredible.

It’s safe to say their year is over so without further ado, join me through this slideshow as we check the five main reasons why you can stick a fork in the Jaguars this season.

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5. Overall Record

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It takes no more than looking at the Jags' record to know their season is over. This team was expected to only win a few games during the season and they’ve done exactly that as their main goal now seems to be to gain the first overall pick for next year’s draft.

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4. Awful Secondary Line

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The Jaguars have the worst defense in the NFL. They’re ranked 20th in yards allowed through the air and dead last in rushing yards. They have allowed a total of 3500 yards through nine games in the season and the absence of players like Eugene Monroe (traded) and Luke Joeckel (injured) will only hurt the team in the long run.

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3. Lack of Offensive Weapons

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The Jaguars' most deadly weapon offensively, Justin Blackmon, was suspended for the rest of the year. TE Mercedes Lewis has struggled to stay healthy and Maurice Jones-Drew hasn’t been able to produce the way he’s used to. The only reliable weapon this season has been Cecil Shorts III, but he’s not able to make an impact on a consistent basis.

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2. Subpar Quarterback Play

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The issues with Blaine Gabbert have been well documented and Chad Henne has been serviceable, but he’s not good enough to start on a consistent basis. The quarterback role is one where the Jags have struggled mightily this year and that’s one of the biggest reasons why this team is already done this year.

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1. Lack of Overall Talent

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Simply put, this team is not good enough to compete on a daily basis. There are too many holes on both sides of the ball and the Jaguars have struggled this year for many reasons, but the reality is that this roster needs major tweaks before they can even compete at the NFL level.