Atlanta Falcons: Thomas Dimitroff’s Comments Are Completely Bogus

By Daniel Chi
NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons
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With seven games remaining and a 2-7 record after going 13-3 in 2012, general manager Thomas Dimitroff finally addressed the issues the Atlanta Falcons are dealing with that should have been addressed much earlier in the season. Although Dimitroff reassured Falcons’ fans that they are very concerned and consider it a “very serious situation”, his comment is a huge understatement in how the team is performing overall in what was supposed to be a Super Bowl bound year.

In an interview with 790 the Zone, Dimitroff commented on how the organization feels about their team currently and what the mindset would be moving forward. He said:

“We believe that this organization is in a very positive state. Again, I want to encourage everyone to understand that no one’s taking this lightly. Believe me. I know that there’s been some talk … the suggestion is that we think it’s OK. … This is not OK for us. This is a very serious situation here, and everyone understands that. And our players aren’t taking it lightly.”

Other than Dimitroff trying to keep faithful fans believing in the direction the Falcons are going in and the actions they will take moving forward, the fact that he said the organization is in a very “positive” state is just simply not true.

Nothing and no one should be in a “positive” state, especially in a year where the Falcons were the favorites to not only make the trip to the Super Bowl for only the second time in the history of their franchise but to actually have a chance of winning their first ever Super Bowl. A team that went 13-3 and lost in the 2012 NFC Championship game is now 2-7 and will be considered to be one of the biggest busts in NFL history.

For all of the “feel-good” stories that have circled around the Kansas City Chiefs of being surprisingly one of the best teams in the NFL with a perfect record, the Falcons will remember this season as complete, utter embarrassment and for good reasons.

Now I am a Falcons fan, and nothing has hurt me more than to see the Dirty Birds suit up every Sunday and lose in the most depressing ways ever. With that being said, I can’t deny just how horrendous the Falcons have been, especially in the past three games. When the Falcons were finally respected and viewed as an “elite” team by the same people that criticized them over the years, the team did absolutely nothing to reward those beliefs.

I understand that the Falcons are not the only disappointing teams, as the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens as well as the New York Giants are playing well below their expectations. Still, the Ravens are still in the hunt in the AFC North and the once dead Giants seem to be waking up from their slumber. They seem to be improving as each game goes by whereas the Falcons have done the complete opposite.

When Dimitroff comments on the play of the offensive line and the non-existent running game, it blew my mind when he actually used the words “improving” twice in the same sentence.

“Fundamentally, we need to drop our pad level,” Dimitroff said of the line. “We’ve done an improving job, and I think they’re improving from the standpoint of pass protection and continuing to slide and pick up different things and making different calls”.

Either I am blind or Dimitroff sees something that I don’t see. From the way the Falcons have played in the past three Sundays I would not use the word “improve” so loosely when describing their god-awful rushing game along with their lifeless offensive line.

Sorry to say, but Dimitroff’s comments are a bit ridiculous and I hope that he truly understands that this season has been nothing but a complete failure. Maybe Dimitroff should play quarterback this Sunday and see what it is like playing behind an offensive line that has allowed defenders to be on “Kill Mode”  against Matt Ryan as of late. Maybe then Dimitroff will vomit those words back into his mouth and have a profound meaning of the Falcons being in a “very serious situation”.

Nice try Dimitroff, but you’re going to have to come up with a much better statement. Period.

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