Buffalo Bills Blamed the NFL Regarding an Unfair Schedule

By Tony Tranghese
Mark Konezy-USA TODAY Sports

I just read that the Buffalo Bills called the league to complain about schedule fairness. I can’t believe this is a real story. I’m sorry the reason the Bills have been losing games is because six of their opponents have had extra time to prepare for them? It had nothing to do with their inability to hold on to leads and or simply catch the ball? I mean … catching the ball seems like an essential part of getting into the end zone. It’s tough to put points on the board when your opponent has an extra day to study where you are going to drop the ball.

Give me a break. If the Bills were relevant, I could see this being a legitimate concern. The problem is they are not and like everyone else, it comes across as them making excuses. I think I’ll call my boss and tell them that it’s not fair that one of my peers gets an extra hour of sleep because his commute is shorter.

You need some merit to stand on. Stop making excuses; go out there and get after it. Then again, in today’s society, everyone deserves a participation medal so maybe who ever wins the Super Bowl will let the Bills celebrate with them. Who cares if the winning team deserved it? Who cares if they worked harder than anyone, played through adversity and bonded over a common goal? In all reality, the Buffalo Bills may be the best team in the league at blowing leads and losing games but since this is the new mentality in sports, it’s fine. Get everyone on the team a championship t-shirt.

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