Denver Broncos Have Very Little Reason to Worry About Peyton Manning

By Cody Williams
Peyton Manning Denver injury
Robert Hanashiro – USA Today Sports Images

There’s a scene in the movie “Anchorman” in which part of the Channel 4 News Team (Brian Fantana played by Paul Rudd), is awaiting the birth of a panda at the San Diego Zoo, but it’s only in the fifth day of “Panda Watch” and nothing is happening. He’s obviously frustrated and, in essence, everyone is wasting their time sitting around watching to see what happens.

Some might call it a stretch, but I feel like “What-is-the-hourly-status-of-PeytonManning’s-ankle-injury-watch” is probably about as pointless and as big of a waste of our time until Sunday when the Denver Broncos take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the best game of week 11 in the NFL.

Peyton sat out of practice on Wednesday and the speculation started getting even crazier than it already was. Even when he returned to practice on Thursday, people continued to wonder how the ankle injury would affect Manning as he goes up against a stout Chiefs’ defense. However, I’m not worried about Manning’s injury.

Even at his age, Manning is still tough as nails. This is a guy that played last season and is playing this season with what is essentially a medically engineered neck. Sure, his ankle is probably a little sore, but Manning’s mentality when he takes the field is going to outweigh any pain, which is likely going to be minor, that he is going to feel.

Perhaps I’m being an optimist here and perhaps I’m completely misreading the situation. However, I believe in the toughness of Peyton Manning and the will of the future Hall-of-Famer. I’m sure his ankle injury is legitimate and that he’s sore, but I don’t think that will render him any less effective than he would  have been if his ankle was fully healthy.

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