Dwayne Bowe Provides Hope to All Young Criminals Hoping to Avoid Punishment

By Ryan Heckman

Over the offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs made some significant moves to get them to the place they are at now — undefeated. Bringing in quarterback Alex Smith and head coach Andy Reid is all it took to make this team what it is today.

Oh, and that 5-year, $56 million extension for wide receiver Dwayne Bowe — yeah, that was somewhat significant as well.

What has Bowe done this year? Well, aside from just about nothing, he’s caught just 33 passes for 369 yards and only two touchdowns. Smith has found other receivers having an easier time getting open and has gotten them the ball on a much more regular basis than Bowe, who is on pace for a career-low in receiving yardage in full seasons played.

In his most recent achievement, Bowe was arrested not only for speeding but for possession of marijuana and as of right now, he will start Sunday’s showdown with the Denver Broncos.

Wait, what? There seems to be some sort of disconnection here.

Reid has been questioned all week long about the matter, and all he’s had to say is that this is “a legal matter,” and that they are handling it as such.

“It’s a legal matter,” Reid said, according to ESPN. “That’s the way we’ll handle it [and] let it run its course there. Dwayne’s been a team player since I’ve been here. He doesn’t want to bring any problems.”

Really? He doesn’t want to bring any problems? Interesting sentiments there, coach.

Here’s the issue, Mr. Reid: This is a professional athlete, a diva, a millionaire and a guy clearly with his own selfish agenda. Does nobody realize that such a ridiculous decision to start this guy after having a run-in with the law involving drugs is an absolute pathetic excuse for a coaching decision?

Hey, let’s just start letting kids onto the field in high school after they break team and league rules. It’s no big deal. In fact, kids, you all can just act a fool and simply expect a slap on the wrist from here on out — after all, the guys you look up to so much can get away with it, why shouldn’t you?

What kind of incredibly ignorant decision is this? Let a guy play less than a week after having been busted with drugs and breaking the law on more than one account — good call.

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