Ed Reed Would Have Been a Great New England Patriot

By Tony Tranghese

Wait, the New York Jets signed Ed Reed? Why were the New England Patriots banging down the door of Reed’s agent to get him in a Patriots uniform? Rumor has it the Patriots inquired about Reed but Reed chose the Jets because he was more familiar with the system. I know it doesn’t make sense to me either. You’re a free safety. You roam the field and look to pick passes off. System or not, your job is still to catch the ball.

Sure the secondary is the least of the Patriots worries, but Reed is an aging veteran who was looking to make one last go of it. Wouldn’t the Patriots have been the perfect fit? Aging veteran, chip on his shoulder, I mean all the cards were there for the Patriots to take a shot. I mean, this is Bill Belichicks’ signature move isn’t it?

Whether or not Reed could have made a difference, playing him alongside Aquib Talib in the playoffs would have made for a dynamic duo. Even if for only his name, it may have given quarterbacks something to consider. Believe it or not, players do still believe in name recognition. Reed has hurt the Patriots so many times the last thing we wanted to see was Reed lining up for a divisional rival.

If Reed had only made one big play roaming around between the hash marks, it may have been worth it. Turnovers either win or lose you football games. Despite how this year has gone so far, I still believe Ed Reed can play.

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