Jeff Ireland's Phone Number Hits Internet, Miami Dolphins' Fans Wreak Havoc

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins‘ fans aren’t the happiest bunch at the moment. The Dolphins’ season is quickly spiraling out of control following the Jonathan MartinRichie Incognito fiasco, which is actually just a side note when you look at the team’s problems on the football field. The Dolphins have dropped four out of five games and are now likely without two of their top offensive lineman for the rest of the season. After a hot start, it seems likely that the Dolphins will once again miss out on the postseason.

So who’s to blame? Many people say Joe Philbin, but there’s also a solid argument to be made for Jeff Ireland.  The Dolphins’ general manager is not the most popular of figures in South Beach right now and some have even called him a ‘dead man walking’. So as you could imagine, many frustrated fans would like a chance to sound off to the GM and let him know what they think. For some Dolphins’ fans, that dream came true.

One of Ireland’s business cards recently found its way to the internet and of course, his phone number was included. Naturally, some Dolphins’ fans jumped at the opportunity to tell the GM how they feel about him.

Here’s one example a fan posted on YouTube:

On top of that, another fan enrolled the GM’s email address for a bunch of porn subscriptions. If only we could hear all the things left on the voicemail…


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