Oakland Raiders Should Start Looking Towards Next Season

By Jesse Oakley
Kirby Lee- USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders currently sit at 3-6 and at the bottom of the AFC West. With a game coming up against the Houston Texans, it seems that they’ll probably drop to 3-7, and that’s putting it lightly. So, what should they be looking forward to doing next season?

Well, first they should focus on their offensive line. Watching game footage and seeing Terrelle Pryor go down time after time is rough. They haven’t allowed the most sacks; that honor belongs to Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins, but Pryor isn’t far behind, ranking fifth in most sacks. Soon enough, the O-line will come together, but some free agent additions will be good for them.

As much as this hurts me to say, the Raiders should be looking at getting a new kicker. Sebastian Janokowski is by far the most dependable person on the team, but he’s not getting any younger, and with his accuracy going down little by little, he’ll have to retire soon enough.

Another fact is that the Raiders’ division isn’t going to get any easier with the Denver BroncosKansas City Chiefs, and San Diego Chargers all getting better by the day. The Broncos are rolling with Peyton Manning, the Chiefs have finally found their groove with Andy Reid taking the reins, and the Chargers, well, they’re just the Chargers, I suppose.

The point is that the Raiders’ season is basically lost, and history says that they have little to no chance in making the playoffs. So, instead of moping in mediocrity, the Raiders should start planning for next season, because it’ll be a rough one.

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