One Reason New York Giants Will Fall to Green Bay Packers

By Michael Terrill
One Reason New York Giants Will Fall to Green Bay Packers
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants will certainly have their hands full against an injury-plagued Green Bay Packers team. The fact that even the Packers are unsure of who will play various positions on Sunday makes it difficult for the Giants to game plan. With that being said, there is one area in particular New York must excel in if they want to be victorious.

As difficult as it will be, it is imperative that the Giants find a rushing attack. The fact that New York ranks 29th in the league in rushing yards per game (76.9) doesn’t bode well for their chances against a Green Bay defense that has been stellar against the ground game this season. Nonetheless, the Giants have no choice but to win the battle in the trenches and move the chains through running the football.

If New York is unable to do this, the consequences could be detrimental. Green Bay has had some success in getting to the quarterback this season. The fact that Clay Matthews will play in just his second game in the past six weeks means he will be hungry to get after Eli Manning. Not to mention, he will be playing without a club on his hand this weekend, which will make it easier for him to move offensive lineman.

If the Packers are successfully able to shut down the running backs, which will be their primary area of focus, then the pass rushers will tee off on Manning with no relent. Even though the offensive line has done a decent job of keeping Manning upright this year (just 22 sacks allowed), it will not matter if the offense isn’t balanced.

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