Philadelphia Eagles: Defense Gets Little Credit for Big Impact

By Bob Francis
DeMeco Ryans
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The Philadelphia Eagles began the season with few expectations as far as the performance of the defense was concerned. They were a group of players being put through yet another transition: another new system to learn, new players brought in to try and fill gaps, in addition to a new coordinator.

Not to mention, the offense demanded and controlled most of the headlines. The overall projection for the Eagles’ season suffered greatly due to thoughts about the defense.

Well, take their inexperience, mediocrity and past tackling woes and throw them out the window. The Philadelphia defense is beginning to make the transition back to their form of old. Although they have been given little credit throughout the season for the great accomplishments they’ve achieved, the Eagles’ defense is for real.

They don’t get much pressure on the quarterback, but somehow create turnovers. Their questionable secondary has really come into its own and their tackling has improved. Best of all, they can stop the run.

Entering the season, no one expected the defense to make the headlines, but just staying out of them has been an accomplishment. In achieving that, they have made the Eagles a viable team in the NFC East once again by providing support for an offense that should be able to carry the team if given the chance.

The Eagles’ defense has held the opposition to 21 points or less in every game since facing Peyton Manning and giving up 52. Call it a wake-up call, a slap in the face, whatever you want — the defense has been different since then.

Should the defense continue to keep opponents at bay and giving the offense the opportunity to take over the game, Philadelphia has an actual shot at winning the division and making the playoffs. Although they’re doing it quietly, the defense would be a major reason why success is achieved in Philadelphia this season after starting the campaign as the goat.


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