Pittsburgh Steelers: Time To Put Up or Shut Up

By Jeff Hartman
Mikt Tomlin
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 3-6, and for the past nine weeks all that we have heard from the team is cliche after cliche. This is Mike Tomlin‘s bread and butter, but the players are joining in on the fun.

“We are going to take it one game at a time.”

“We are not even talking about the playoffs, just one game at a time.”

“We still feel that we have a very good football team in this room.”

“The standard is the standard regardless of who is on the field.”

I could go one and on, but as a outsider looking in it gets annoying. This team has under performed in every facet of the game, and for once it would be nice to hear some candid talk. I realize that the Steelers starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, stated that this team was the “worst team in football” after their loss to the Minnesota Vikings in London. That is about as candid as you can get, but that was quickly replaced with the carbon copy comments you hear from every NFL locker room every day. The same old song and dance.

What would be a breath of fresh air would be the players doing one of two things. First would be to not even give the carbon copy answers and simply be honest. If Ryan Clark is asked about missed assignments, simply answer the question instead of giving the “we all make mistakes and we need to improve as a defense” response. The second would be to simply let their play do the talking on the field. Former Steelers linebacker, James Harrison, made a living from not talking to media by going out and letting his play speak for him.

The Steelers are a team that is on the brink at 3-6. They’re on the brink of falling into obscurity for the 2013 season or climbing one step closer to the .500 mark and remaining in the conversation for the division and potential playoff scenarios. If the Steelers want to keep their season relevant they will need to step up this Sunday against the Detroit Lions and pull off an upset. Plain and simple: It’s time to put up or shut up.

Jeff Hartman covers the Pittsburgh Steelers for RantSports.com and also contributes for the Penguins and Pirates. Follow him on Twitter @BnGBlitz

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