Poor Record Not as Bad as It Looks for Tampa Bay Buccaneers

By John Beauchamp

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ record does not show a very good team at all, but after their recent games they have shown many signs of life. Of course the playoffs aren’t even in the conversation for the Buccaneers as they are currently tied for worst team in the league, but maybe they can finish the season off strong with a bright look at next season.

The Buccaneers aren’t a good team, that’s for sure, but they are certainly not the worst team in the league. The Buccaneers deserve a lot more credit than they actually get; they traveled to play the Seattle Seahawks missing three key players on offense and still kept a lead going into the fourth quarter. Even though the lost they still gave the best team in the NFC a run for their money, and that deserves credit.

Last Monday the Buccaneers entered a game against the Miami Dolphins and finally decided that they should at least be the best team in the state of Florida, so they went out and won themselves their first game of the season. Sure the Dolphins’ season is falling apart right now, but the Buccaneers saw the weakness the Dolphins were facing so they put salt on the wound and completely embarrassed the Miami offensive line by allowing just two yards rushing and also forced two pivotal sacks in the last minute of the game. Their performance deserves a lot of credit.

Now is the point in the Buccaneers’ season where they can either tank for potentially the first pick in the NFL Draft or they can go and show the rest of their schedule that they are much better than others think.

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