Richie Incognito Files Grievance Against Miami Dolphins; Return Looming?

By Andrew Fisher
Richie Incognito-Miami Dolphins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed like it was only going to be a matter of time and now it’s official – Richie Incognito has filed a grievance against the Miami Dolphins. This of course comes after the offensive lineman was suspended following the release of a strongly-worded voicemail to Jonathan Martin. Incognito is accused of bullying Martin and taking hazing way too far. But after more and more details have emerged, it seems that Incognito may not have been as over the line as some suspected.

The gist of the grievance is as followings (from Chris Mortensen): “Under Article 43 of CBA, maximum a club is allowed to suspend a player is 4 weeks plus 1 game check. Incognito seeking expedited hearing.”

Incognito has only missed one game during his suspension, but it seems clear that he wants to get back on the field as soon as possible. After all that’s come out, I don’t think a return in the near future is out of the question. The Dolphins’ guard was clearly out of bounds with some of things he said to Martin, there’s no denying that. But the majority of Dolphins’ players that have spoke out on the issue seem to have his back.

It’s clear that Incognito would be welcomed back to Miami over Martin. At this point, it’s hard to imagine any team bringing Martin on board.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but I doubt Incognito will remain suspended for three more games. Let’s face it, the Dolphins need him.


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