Will Arian Foster Ever Be the Same After Back Surgery?

By Andrew Fisher
Arian Foster
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Arian Foster is set to undergo back surgery on Thursday to repair a bulging disc in his back. The Houston Texans‘ running back tried to play through the injury, but after consulting with multiple doctors who all recommended surgery, Foster decided to end his 2013 season. You can’ t really blame him, either. Considering the seriousness of the injury and the state of the Texans, it was time to start thinking about 2014. But what will the future hold for Foster?

There are certainly no guarantees when you’re talking about back surgery. The procedures are often times hit or miss as far as fixing the issue long-term. But you have to think that if every doctor Foster saw recommended to go under the knife, that he’s making the right decision. Still, there’s a chance he might never be the same back.

While 2013 was an extremely tough year for Foster in the injury department, he’s actually been healthy for most of his career. He missed three games back in 2011, but other than that, he’s been very reliable. This back injury is the first major injury of his career.

If you’re a Texans’ fan, you’re probably going to be holding your breath until you see him back on the field next season. It’s fair to wonder if he’ll lose some explosiveness after a major procedure on his back. On top of that, Ben Tate is highly likely to walk away in free agency next spring. There’s a chance the Texans’ backfield could be reeling in 2014. It’s because of that possibility, that you’ll likely see Houston take a RB in next May’s draft.


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