Dez Bryant Buys PS4s For Everyone In Line At Walmart

By Andrew Fisher
Dez Bryant
USA Today Sports

Dez Bryant has worked hard to shed his reputation as a trouble-maker. Coming out of college, to call Bryant a project, would have been an understatement. This is a guy who’s off-the-field habits had to go undergo a complete overhaul. But after four years with the Dallas Cowboys, it seems that Bryant has turned his life around.

The WR made headlines a few weeks back with his actions on the sidelines during a Cowboys’ loss. But ultimately the audio evidence showed that he was just being overly passionate about wanting to win. Sure, he should have probably gone about making his point in a different fashion, but at least he showed that he’s a guy who wants to win at all costs.

Now, Bryant is making headlines for something he did at Wal-Mart. Many people tweeted out on Thursday night that the WR bought a PS4 for everyone in line. The much-awaited next gen unit released on November 14th, so you could imagine that there were lots of people in line to buy. Considering the units go for about $400 a pop, it’s safe to assume Bryant dropped several Gs while making many gamers’ day.

So for those who hate on the WR, maybe this will start to change their minds. Bryant is showing more and more that he’s a good guy.


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