Indianapolis Colts: Division Road Wins Should Seal AFC South for Team

By Eric Smith

The playoff hopes for the Indianapolis Colts are looking very good right now. I know it’s still two weeks before Thanksgiving, but how the Colts have performed on the road against division foes this year has helped.

Indianapolis finished with a perfect 3-0 record against AFC South division opponents this year after their 30-27 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night. They now hold a three-game lead over the Titans with six games left. The Colts play a rematch on December 1 with this same Titans team at home which could win the division title for them.

It won’t matter what the Colts do against the rest of their opponents at this point, as they could lose to every team but the Titans going forward and they’d still be division champs. It’s a nice luxury as they have all three division opponents left at home after beating all three on the road. Those should equate to three more wins.

All of this will likely not only lead the Colts to a division title and automatic playoff berth, but put them in the running for home-field advantage. They’d need some help as they have three bad losses, but they can at least get a first-round bye. There’s now no reason why this team can’t be in the hunt for that feat.

Overall, when the Colts look back on this season, they can thank the division road wins for their success. If they can get it sealed up by the first day of December, then they can rest up and prepare for a deep playoff run.

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