Indianapolis Colts Now Playing For Seeding In AFC

By Andrew Fisher

The Indianapolis Colts don’t make it easy on their fans, but the results have been there in 2013. After being down again heading into the second half, the Colts stormed back and took out the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. Andrew Luck wasn’t great, but he once again played a turnover-free game to lead Indy to its seventh win of the year. Along the way, the Colts essentially ended the Titans’ season and locked up the AFC South. Now the question becomes – can the Colts make a run at one of the top seeds in the AFC in the final weeks of 2013?

If you look at their final six games, there are lots of winnable contests. But there’s one game that could go along way towards determining the final playoff seeding in the AFC. That game comes in week 16 against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, a lot is set to happen between now and then. The Chiefs play the Denver Broncos twice and the New England Patriots will also clash with the Broncos. So by the time the Colts square off with the current No. 1 seed, things could be way different.

But overall, I like Indy’s chances of getting the two seed. They’re going to need a little help to get there, but odds are, they’ll hold up their end of the bargain. The formula of not turning the ball over is working great, but the Colts must stop digging themselves into early holes if they’re going to earn a first-round playoff bye.


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