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Pittsburgh Steelers Upset With QB; Top 5 Landing Spots For Ben Roethlisberger

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Top 5 Landing Spots: Ben Roethlisberger

David Butler - USA TODAY Sports
David Butler - USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have reportedly grown frustrated with Ben Roethlisberger's inability to prepare himself on a week-to-week basis and Steelers' management is beginning to explore the option of dealing No. 7.

It's rare to hear such things about a two-time Super Bowl champion like Roethlisberger, but it looks more and more like the Pittsburgh front office will be shopping the Steelers' quarterback this offseason. At 31 years old, Roethlisberger has at least five years left in the tank, which means a handful of NFL teams should and will be asking about the 6-foot-5 quarterback this offseason.

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While many dark horse teams are sure to pop up in the coming months; there are at least five clubs that are desperate for upgraded play under center. The one problem for Pittsburgh -- if it really wants to trade "Big Ben" -- is the fact that Roethlisbeger is due $12.1 million in 2014 and is scheduled to make $11.6 million in 2015. Those numbers might scare some would-be trade partners away considering Roethlisberger's numbers have taken a dip in recent years.

However, the NFL can be a desperate league at times and Big Ben has proven that he can win when it matters most. With all of that in mind, here's a solid list of five NFL squads that would be willing to trade for Roethlisberger if and when the Steelers decide to put him on the trade block this off-season.

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No. 5: Houston Texans

Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans might roll the dice with Case Keenum from 2013 on, but there is a chance that the Texans find themselves looking for a more proven signal-caller. Andre Johnson and Arian Foster aren't getting any younger, and a proven quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger could give an aging Houston team what it needs to at least make it to Super Sunday.

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No. 4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Andrew-Weber - USA TODAY Sports

Sorry folks, Mike Glennon isn't the answer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' problems.

Paring Ben Roethlisberger with an improve offensive line could do wonders for his career. Not to mention, the Buccaneers have shown in previous years that they aren't afraid to make bold moves. Bringing Darrelle Revis to town and releasing Josh Freeman are two moves that not too many people saw coming. Tampa Bay still has an ace up its sleeve -- or a No. 7 card in this case.

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No. 3: Arizona Cardinals

Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports

Ben Roethlisberger is very familiar with Bruce Arians. In fact, this quarterback-offensive coordinator combination helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII. Now, Arians is the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, a team that is totally frustrated with Carson Palmer's play this season. On top of that, the NFC West is a physically tough division and having a 6-foot-5 quarterback like Big Ben is never a bad thing.

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No. 2: Minnesota Vikings

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings could easily flip their roster on its head this off-season. Heck, even trade talks involving Adrian Peterson have surfaced! With that being said, the Vikings have enough talent to compete for a NFC title like they did last year. Bringing Ben Roethlisberger to town would allow for Minnesota to use it's first-round pick on something other than an unproven quarterback.

Also, Christian Ponder was the last quarterback taken by the Vikings in the first round, so maybe Minnesota is better off trading for one instead.

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No. 1: Cleveland Browns

Jason Bridge - USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns fans have watched Ben Roethlisberger tear the Browns' defense up for the better part of the last decade. After trading Trent Richardson earlier in the year, it looked as if the Browns were in total "tank" mode. However, Cleveland's talented players have since come to play and the Browns have postseason aspirations.

Even still, Jason Campbell is currently the Browns' starting quarterback. With one of the best offensive line in the NFL and countless draft picks in the coming seasons, Cleveland would be making a pro-active move by bringing Roethlisberger in for the next five or seven years.

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