Should The Indianapolis Colts Start Donald Brown From Now On?

By Eric Smith

There’s been big time grumblings in Indianapolis about the running back situation. Fans have grown tired of the struggles of running back Trent Richardson. The Indianapolis Colts gave up a first round pick for Richardson in Week 3, and he’s been a borderline bust so far.

Richardson was ranked 37th in rushing yards since his arrival in Indianapolis, as he has yet to have a 100 yard game with the Colts. After backup running back Donald Brown‘s performance tonight, the question will come up about whether or not it’s time to make him a starter.

I think yes.

Brown led this team in the second half. Richardson didn’t get much going in the first half, which led to a slow start. Brown got more carries in the second half of tonight’s game with the Tennessee Titans and maxed out. He had 80 yards and two touchdowns on 14 carries. Compare that to Richardson’s 22 yards on eight carries, and it’s lopsided.

Brown averaged over five yards per carry tonight, while Richardson was at his average with 2.8 per carry. That should sway more carries to Brown.

Indianapolis is getting sick of having to rely on fourth quarter comebacks, and sluggish starts have to stop now. Brown gives them a spark, and that could be what they need to get going early. He’s hitting holes very hard and maximizing his carries, while Richardson is struggling to find lanes to run though.

If it was up to me, I’d make Brown my first and second down back, and give Richardson third down carries.

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