Miami Dolphins Going to Continue to Struggle, Even Against Mediocre Chargers Team

By Cody Williams
Tannehill Dolphins
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports Images

The Miami Dolphins are ensnared in this whole Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin saga and, to be frank, it’s not a good look for them. I’m not even getting into how the bullying, hazing makes the organization and team look, but I’m talking simply about how it affects the rest of the 2013 NFL season for this team.

One of the reasons that the Dolphins selected Martin in 2012 was to help sure up a porous offensive line that hasn’t done a great job of protecting quarterbacks and to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Even with Martin and Incognito in the lineup, though, the Dolphins haven’t been stellar with their play at the line.

Now with two replacement-level players on their offensive line, the Dolphins have even more trouble with getting their offensive line going. Last week it seemed like Tannehill was running for his life 95 percent of the time, which not only sets the team up for sacks and bad throws, but doesn’t allow plays to fully develop.

More than just Tannehill, though, the Dolphins running game is suffering more than it already has this season. Miami hadn’t sorted out their running game with a full offensive line. Now without Martin and Incognito it’s even more of a wreck.

As the Dolphins move forward to week 11 against the San Diego Chargers and beyond, I don’t expect things to improve. I think that the Dolphins’ problems on their offensive line now, as well as the distractions caused by the whole situation, are too much for this team to handle. Don’t expect many good things coming from them going forward.

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