Houston Texans-Oakland Raiders Game Example Of Difference A Year Makes

By Mark Wilson

I know the season is over halfway done with, but do you remember when there was talk about the Houston Texans winning the Super Bowl?

That’s why they play the games on the field and not in the meeting rooms. It must hurt to look in the mirror and see that the Oakland Raiders beat you down. “Did you guys see Marcus Allen out there today, I mean Rashard Jennings?” What happened to that once solid defense that was the talk of the NFL last season? Are they having a college quarterback competition, where you play half the game and I play half? The award for the toughest player in the NFL goes to Ben Tate. The man is playing with broken ribs because his team needs him, but he really is playing to take Arian Fosters‘ spot next year. Foster is good, but the dude is fragile like Samuel L Jackson’s character in Unbreakable.

The Raiders were playing with out the quarterback, Terrell Pryor, due to injury, but he wasn’t needed for this pitiful excuse of a football team from Houston. The Raiders have a roster of who, and how did you make it to the NFL players, but they play as a unit and get the job done. Their wins are never pretty, but this is a professional sport and you take them how you can get them.

The fans in Oakland probably think they have a shot at the playoffs. I guess you guys didn’t look at your upcoming schedule, have you? The schedule has to be the toughest in the league — I’m sorry guys, better luck next year. Look at it this way, if you were to play the Texans every week, you’d be undefeated.

Don’t worry Houston fans, the way your team is playing you might end up with someone who can help build that defense back up the legal, non-PED way. Poor Matt Schaub, one season they are praising you and the next you are treated like Drew Bledsoe. One year the Raiders will put it together and make the playoffs; wait, did I just say that?

What a great win for the Raiders and yet another setback for the once powerful Texans. The NFL is a wonderful sport, where two awful teams can get together and by the end of the game, one will look like a Super Bowl contender while the other will look like, well, the Texans.

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