Not Even A Hurricane Could Stop Chicago Bears

By Mark Wilson

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

There was a Ray Rice sighting tonight; too bad it wasn’t enough to over take the sighting of Robbie Gould.

I know I was not the only person who heard the talk that the Baltimore Ravens need to sit Rice down in favor of Bernard Pierce. OK, I get that he is having a bad season, but so is Joe Flacco and no one is saying that the overpaid, extremely lucky Trent Dilfer clone should be on the bench. The Ravens are a shell of their former selves, but that’s what happens when you back into a championship ring. The Ravens have no wide receivers and are throwing the ball to a broken down Dallas Clark who wishes Flacco wore No. 18.

The Chicago Bears came into the game looking for a win and a loss by the Detroit Lions that would have them tied for first place in the division. A 6-4 record is pretty good for a team that has been without the starting quarterback. Matt Forte might not gain those gaudy 200-yard rushing games, but he will pound the defense until they get tired of tackling him.

The Ravens are 4-6 and Ozzie Newsome is on his way to call Ray Lewis and Ed Reed to see if they are willing to suit up to add some life to this one-year wonder team. Torrey Smith was to be the next great speedy wideout, but he had not played up to his potential and is looking more like a bust every week. After signing that huge contract this offseason, I think Flacco forgot how to play the position. I never won a Super Bowl and I can’t speak on the effects of winning one, but I played football and I know when a player stinks and Flacco is smelling like a New York sewer.

You are a champion, and overtime is supposed to be your time to shine. The Ravens are not good and they were not good last year; they got lucky. The Bears are playing the type of football that could carry them deep in the playoffs. They have been playing better defense, they have a good running game and have not one but two good receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Once this game was over I thought, “ This Bears team reminds me of the Ravens last year.” Will they have the same ending?

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