Predicting New York Jets’ Last 7 Games

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Can the New York Jets finish off the season strong?

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To the surprise of almost everyone, the New York Jets went into Week 10 on a bye with a 5-4 record. Football analysts and most Jets fans alike wrote off this season. It was supposed to be a wash. The Jets weren't supposed to win more than 3-4 four games this whole season, but yet there they are at 5-4 with seven games left.

If the season ended today, they would make the playoffs. No, it's not a joke. The team that everyone thought would be horrible and was ranked No. 32 going into preseason are close to making the playoffs after a two-year hiatus.

All the Jets need to for the next seven weeks is not be, well, the "same old Jets."

The same old Jets would find a way to ruin their chances of making the playoffs. The same old Jets would find a way to lose winnable games. They have one of the best defenses in the NFL, and a rookie quarterback that can make those big plays, so they do have a chance.

With all that being said, there is still much to be done for the Jets before they can consider their redemption journey to be complete. Seven opponents stand in their way, each providing their own set of challenges. Let's take a look at what's ahead and see how winnable those games are.

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New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills

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It all starts with today. After a week off, can the New York Jets go into Buffalo and beat the Buffalo Bills?

The Bills are getting their rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel back after missing several games. How effective will he be? The New York Jets thrive against rookie quarterbacks; they gave Manuel a hard time in their Week 3 meeting, pressuring him constantly.

The Jets' defense also shut down the Bill's running game, and it won't be any different this time around. The Jets' defense ranks No. 1 yards allowed per game and yards allowed per rushing attempt. On offense, the Jets have been able to overcome the inconsistencies of Geno Smith, dealing with injuries and a weak running game.

Prediction: Jets 30 -- Bills 20

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New York Jets vs. Baltimore Ravens

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In Week 12, the Jets go up against the defending Super Bowl champs Baltimore Ravens. Put that way, it'd be easy to think that the Jets have no chance, but this season has been a crazy one.

The Ravens are 4-5 and are a shell of their former selves. Ray Rice has not looked like himself all season, averaging only 2.5 yard per carry; Joe Flacco, with a lack of weapons and a lack of a run game, has looked average.

The Baltimore defense isn't the ferocious one it used to be when Ray Lewis was leading it, but it will still give the Jets some problems.

Prediction: Ravens 17 -- Jets 13

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New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

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A game against the division rival Miami Dolphins is always intense. These two teams always play each other tough, no matter what their situation is.

The Dolphins are like the 2012 Jets. They are the new circus act (read: Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito) and have been dealing with a lot of distractions, yet the team is only 4-5. They are still fighting for that last playoff spot and will give the Jets a fight.

Prediction: Jets 20 -- Dolphins 17

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New York Jets vs. Oakland Raiders

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The Oakland Raiders are a rebuilding team: they need to figure out what they're going to do at the quarterback position. They also need receivers and their running game is non-existent.

The Raiders' defense is solid, but it's their offense that will bring them down -- especially against a tough New York defense. The Raiders are turnover-prone and the Jets will take advantage of it.

Prediction: Jets 30 -- Raiders 16

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New York Jets vs. Carolina Panthers

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This game will be a tough one. After a slow start, the Carolina Panthers have been the talk of the town. Cam Newton is playing like the rookie Cam Newton, meaning he's been a playmaking machine with 13 touchdowns through the air and three touchdowns on the ground.

As good as Cam Newton has been playing recently, their defense is the real story here. With Luke Kuechly and the Panthers' ability to disrupt the run and pressure opposing quarterbacks the way they do, Geno Smith and the Jets will have a hard time moving the ball against this tough defense.

Prediction: Panthers 27 -- Jets 17

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New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns aren't the same old team that used to be the league's doormat. The Browns' defense has been the reason for the team's rise to relevance.

The Browns won't make it easy for the Jets to score, but the Browns' offense is still a work in progress so the Jets' defense will create opportunities for their offense to take advantage of.

Prediction: Jets 16 -- Browns 9

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New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins

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The Dolphins always have a way of spoiling the Jets' chances of making the playoffs. It'll be a tough game, especially away, but the Jets defense will again shut down the Dolphins. This is a must-win game for the Jets if they want to make the playoffs so Rex, who is good at getting his team ready for big games, will find a way to get this team pumped for this game against the Dolphins.

Prediction: Jets 24 -- Dolphins 17

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