Should Josh McCown Be The Starting Quarterback For Chicago Bears?

By Ryan Wenzell
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McCown has performed admirably when called upon to quarterback the Chicago Bears. He seems smooth, calm and in control of Marc Trestman‘s offense. When he went in the game last Sunday, he almost led the Bears back in a game in which it looked like defeat was certain, but they fell just short.

McCown has been impressive in his short starting stint with the Bears. He is capable of making all the throws, and moves around surprisingly well in the pocket. This begs the question, should McCown be the starter for the rest of the season?

Yes I believe he should. Incumbent Jay Cutler has bounced in and out of the lineup with injury and really doesn’t look right. His groin injury looks like something that could linger on all season. McCown is the healthy arm and also the better one right now. His ability to move around in the pocket and make plays is something Cutler is incapable of giving them right now due to injury. McCown simply gives the team a better chance to win.

The Bears also have a big decision to make on Cutler’s long-term future with the club. He is a pending free agent. I believe the Bears will re-up him if for no other reason then that there aren’t any other better options out there. The free agent cupboard is pretty bare at quarterback, and the Bears won’t have a good enough pick to land one of the top franchise guys in this upcoming draft.

However, if McCown keeps playing like this, he may be hot on Cutler’s heels even when healthy.

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