Week 11 Overreaction: Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Ravens

By M. Quann Boyd
Matt Forte
Dennis Wierzbicki USA Today Sports

Between last season’s Super Bowl, the NFL opener in Denver and today’s weather-delayed game, the Baltimore Ravens have spent enough time waiting around to play a complete game. And much like the Super Bowl, the Ravens came out in their Week 11 matchup against the Chicago Bears with two quick scores on their first two offensive positions shredding the thin and youth driven defense of Chicago for ten early in the first. For the Bears’ offense, they started the game out of sync, almost if as they were still suffering a hangover from their Week 10 home loss to the Detroit Lions.

However, before the game could get out of hand, Mother Nature intervened and placed the city of Chicago on standstill. Severe thunderstorms and a tornado watch forced both teams into their respective locker rooms. Now the question remains that during that time did the Ravens loss some steam, while the Bears sat in their locker room stewing?

Whatever the case may be, both the Bears’ offense and defense played through a few long stretches were seemingly nothing could go wrong once play resumed. There were stretches of the game in which neither side of the ball fared too well. For the offense, pre-snap penalties hurt; and for the defense, penalties against them kept drives alive for the Ravens.

Regardless of how sloppy the Bears played, the team ultimately showed more fight than the Ravens. It’s as if the Bears wanted it more. For the Bears’ defense, most of the faces aren’t necessarily the same, but some of the results were no different. With Julius Peppers leading the charge towards the quarterback with two sacks, the Bears received two turnovers.

Going into a five-week span in which they play four on the road, the Bears needed this game, and with Mother Nature intervening early, she gave the Bears a fighting chance to pull off the win.

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