Baltimore Ravens Need to Use Tandon Doss More

By Jermaine Lockett
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I would like to say my heart goes out to Ozzie Newsome and his family in this tough time; we all wish you well.  With that said, lets now talk about Sunday.

The Baltimore Ravens took another “L”, leaving Raven Nation trying to figure out what went wrong. While trying to figure everything out could take a while, I’ll just concentrate on an area that concerns me.  Our receiving corps has some talent, but one person in particular hasn’t been targeted enough even though his production speaks volumes.  That person is Tandon Doss.

Despite his ups and downs against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, he still led the team in receiving yards while placing second in catches behind Torrey Smith.  Yes, I know he had two drops, one being a critical third-down that bounced off of his fingertips, but that may have been due to the 60 MPH winds on that ball.  If you watch the replay you will see it and even hear it from the announcers.  My point is Doss is slowly showing fans and teammates through his collective work that he deserves to be on the field more.

Throughout the season, Doss is only behind Smith in yards per catch with an average of 16.7 per game.  This baller takes advantage of the opportunities given to him, which is why I’m still wondering why he was cut for Brandon Stokley before the season started.  He has shown strength and fearlessness across the middle of the field.  I’m sure you all remember the third-and-two catch against the Pittsburgh Steelers that Doss made across the middle for a 15 yard gain after being smashed by Troy Polamalu.  It’s plays like that that show the sheer toughness of this guy.

Doss has really played his role on the Ravens and deserves to be rewarded.  They told him to play Special Teams, he did it and currently leads the NFL in punt return yardage.  He deserves higher snap count.  Sunday every time Doss was in the formation, you could see Joe Flacco looking for him – this is a good thing.  Flacco trust Doss to make the play which, in time, could flourish into something fruitful, like a win.

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