Darren McFadden is Playing His Way Off of Oakland Raiders

By Robert Cooke
Darren McFadden
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have multiple reasons why the need to show injury prone running back Darren McFadden the door at the end of this season.

In the final year of his rookie contract, McFadden has yet to play a full season without injury, not to mention his performance has taken a severe dump. Every other week it’s another ailing injury that prevents him from taking the field.

The brass in Oakland need to open up a roster spot and with nearly $70 million in cap space available to them during the next offseason, it’s imperative that the Raiders cut McFadden.

Late Raiders owner Al Davis was notorious for drafting players purely based on their physical ability and McFadden is another prime example of a physical specimen that resulted in wasted money and more importantly wasted time on a player that has yet to consistently perform throughout his career.

McFadden has been outperformed by his backup running back Rashad Jennings this season and seems to spend more time injured than he does playing. McFadden has yet to live up to the first round pick that was spent on him. After six years and failing to reach 1,000 yards or even play a whole season, it’s time the Raiders moved forward.

He’s had his shot and the Silver and Black will have options this offseason, not only in free agency, but with a high draft pick in one of the most talented drafts in NFL history.

Just like any other sports teams looking to build a winning organization, it’s built on consistency. McFadden is anything but that.

Not only has McFadden become dead weight; he’s a pure liability. The Raiders need to part ways with mediocrity if they are looking to get out of this rut that they have been in for the last ten years.

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