Jacksonville Jaguars' Fans Beg Owner To Sign Tim Tebow in Newspaper Ad

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
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The Jacksonville Jaguars are now 1-9 on the 2013 season with three home games left. There’s nothing much for fans to cheer for at this point, so attendance at the final three home games figures to be terrible. But it looks as if the fans are willing to do a little bartering with team owner Shadid Khan. Check out this newspaper ad, in which the fans beg for popular and hometown quarterback, Tim Tebow:

Tim Tebow to Jaguars

The mustache was certainly a nice touch for this barter ad. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything else the Jaguars could do to ‘fill’ their stadium for the final home games. Signing Tebow would purely be a PR move, because the team clearly hasn’t had plans to bring him in at QB all year. Khan doesn’t even have to bring in Tebow to play QB, he could just be a punt protector like last year. However, I’m guessing that Tebow wouldn’t sign on to be a prop or decoy. He would likely want a chance to play QB.

I’ve maintained for awhile now that Jacksonville is the only place left for Tebow to play quarterback in the NFL. I just don’t see another team rolling the dice on him. He would be playing for essentially his hometown in Jacksonville and the fans would get behind him from the get-go. The slogan earlier in the season was ‘why not?’ and I think the same logic could still apply for the final weeks of 2013.

Why not bring in Tebow, sell some tickets and give the fans someone to cheer for?


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