Josh Freeman Won't Get A Second Chance for Minnesota Vikings

By Nick Baker
Josh Freeman
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings dropped yet another game on Sunday with Christian Ponder starting under center, and even though he was benched early in the fourth quarter, it seems more clear now than ever Josh Freeman will not be getting another chance. Matt Cassel was the one who came in to replace Ponder against the Seattle Seahawks, showing Freeman is still buried on the depth chart.

Management brought in the once promising young quarterback for a measly $3 million, but after pushing him to start before he was ready, they have never gone back to the strong-armed signal caller. Freeman did have trouble overthrowing his receivers in his first start, but he was just two weeks into the Vikings system and was expected to struggle.

Freeman has now been with the team for two months, and with it very likely he knows the entire playbook now, it’s surprising he hasn’t made another appearance on the field. The reason for him not starting a second straight game after his terrible first outing was a because of a supposed concussion. Well it now seems likely Freeman didn’t have a concussion, or did and could have still played, as he still hasn’t been given the second chance that many fans think he deserves.

I thought Freeman could see action against the Seahawks this past weekend given Ponder was dealing with a shoulder injury and the season was already lost, but the coaching staff went with the three-year pro in Ponder, who looked sharp early, but made two costly mistakes late.

The final indication that Freeman won’t be getting another shot came when Cassel trotted onto the field to finish the game. It’s confusing why Freeman wouldn’t be given another shot considering the Vikings are now 2-8 and neither Ponder or Cassel are the future of this team, but the coaching staff seems adamant in not playing him, meaning will Ponder probably finishing out the season, a season that is likely to be his last in Minnesota.

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