Lethargic New York Jets Can't Prove Critics Wrong

By Harrison Turkheimer
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Since Head Coach Rex Ryan took over gang green, the New York Jets are sub-.500 coming out of the bye. You would think that Week 11 would be the chance to prove everyone wrong, right?

Nope. Forget the stories of how this team was different — this was nothing more than a typical Jets showing. In a game that should have been won, this Jets team came out flat, boring and lethargic. The Buffalo Bills, of all teams, were able to start off by blanking the Jets 20-0. Geno Smith, who claimed that he was ready to get better and put his best food forward, had a deplorable outing with not one, not two but three interceptions and a forced fumble.

Matt Sims needed to come in. Really?

This was a winnable game. The Jets has the Baltimore Ravens next week followed by the Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers. This Buffalo game was a game they needed to win if this team had any hope of making the playoffs. Now, I feel like we should all be like Jim Mora and ask, “playoffs?”

It’s a shame that the 2013 Jets seem to like playing to their opponent, bringing their A-game vs. the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints,but their D- minus versus winnable games such as ones against the Tennessee Titans and the Bills. I’m almost to the point of confusion. Whether it’s the quarterback play or game plan, where does this team come off being able to hold their heads up in any way, only to get rocked by a clear inferior team?

The team got Kellen Winslow, Santonio Holmes and Jeff Cumberland back, that didn’t prove much. The “Sons of Anarchy” — where were they ? The Bills had no receivers, yet Antonio Cromartie felt it was necessary to play off the receiver vs. a bump-and-run and kept with him the whole way.

Where do they go from here? It’s been wins alternating with losses for New York this season. Yet, I feel like with a game in Baltimore next Sunday, the Jets are headed towards a losing streak over a winning streak. They better get it together, otherwise well be singing the same old Jets tune all over again.

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