Matt McGloin's Open Letter to NFL Will Inspire You

By Andrew Fisher
Matt McGloin
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people weren’t giving the Oakland Raiders a chance in you know where of beating the Houston Texans on Sunday. The Raiders were coming into the contest without their best offensive weapon and it seemed like the Texans were due for a win after several close defeats as of late. With Terrelle Pryor on the shelf, Matt McGloin got his first NFL start in Houston. When it was all said and done, McGloin led the Raiders to a big win by tossing three touchdown passes.

As it turns out, this was not the first time that no one was giving McGloin a chance at doing something positive on the football field. The undrafted rookie apparently plays with a huge chip on his shoulder, and this is the reason why:

So as McGloin just explained to you, he’s been getting told he can’t do it for many years. I think saying that he plays with a chip on his shoulder, might even be putting it lightly.

The Raiders could have a bit of a QB controversy on their hands for the rest of the season. It’s unknown if Pryor will play in week 12 yet, so McGloin may very well get a second start. After going 18 for 32 with three touchdowns and zero interceptions, you can make a solid case for him deserving one. But even if he doesn’t get the nod again in 2013, you can rest assured that he’ll keeping fighting for playing time in the future.


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