Moronic Buffalo Bills' Fan Falls From Upper Deck and Lives

By Andrew Fisher
Buffalo Bills Fan
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of dumb things happen at NFL stadiums across America each week. Often times, the dumbest incidents involve drunken fans. Who knows if that was the case this past Sunday in New York, but you have to wonder.

Check out this Buffalo Bills‘ fan who plummets from the upper deck at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Don’t worry, he surprisingly lived to the tale:

via The Big Lead

Normally, I would feel bad for this guy. But it’s being reported that he fell after attempting to slide down a railing. On top of that, he fell on an innocent fan and injured the man’s head. One person’s stupidity, really screwed up another innocent man’s day. Luckily, both are said to have escaped serious life-threatening injuries.

If someone fell on me during a game after a failed railing slide attempt, I would probably sue living the living crap out of them. There should be no mercy shown on a guy that’s dumb enough to try something like that from an upper deck at an NFL stadium. I don’t know how they both escaped serious injury, but now that they have, it’s time for the moron to pay up.

There’s just no excuse for this type of behavior from a grown man. He put his life in jeopardy, as well as the people below him. That’s selfish and beyond stupid. Once he’s done making right with the victim, I hope the Bills really stick it to him and ban him from Ralph Wilson stadium for the rest of his life.


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