New England Patriots' Past, Present and Future Successes Belong to Robert Kraft

By Logan Godfrey
Robert Kraft
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

If you consider looking at the entire history of the NFL, the New England Patriots are lackluster to say the least. Formerly known as the Boston Patriots, the team has overcome many obstacles to get where it stands today. Many think it was the hiring of coach Bill Belichick that has led to the Patriots’ successes, and those people would be right nine out of ten times. However, one thing has provided the Patriots with more aura than anything: Owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft has provided the Patriots with Belichick and Tom Brady, and these are the two individuals that have made the organization grow. Belichick is considered by some as the best head coach in NFL history, and Brady is also considered the best ever at his position. If it wasn’t for Kraft these two stellar individuals would not be part of the Patriots organization.

Kraft shares beliefs and values that are essential to a winning culture that suits the NFL. He helped pioneer the league through the lockout that almost destroyed the entire 2011 season.

Besides his accomplishments and many feats, Kraft embodies the Patriot way, past and present. He has maneuvered his way to becoming, quite possibly, the best owner in NFL history. His legacy should provide a spot in Canton, Ohio at the NFL Hall of Fame. If any of this wasn’t impressive enough, Kraft has set the Patriots up for future success as well.

Experts can say the Patriots will fall off after Belichick and Brady end their careers, and for the most part those individuals will be right. But if tradition, culture and values mean anything, this organization is going to thrive even after Kraft passes on or steps down. His son, Jonathan Kraft, is very well respected in league circles. He definitely could have landed a job somewhere if he wasn’t in the future plans of the organization. If that’s the case, the Patriots will be just fine for a long, long time.

As long as there is a Kraft at the helm, New England will be one heck of a football team for years to come regardless of who their head coach or starting quarterback might be.

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