Ray Lewis Offers To Pay Half of Ahmad Brooks' Potential Fine

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Lewis
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Ray Lewis has a way with words. You may not like the words coming out of his mouth, but there’s no denying the guy can talk. The legendary linebacker made a living off of stellar play on the football field and rousing locker room speeches. Now that he’s hung  up his football cleats for good, he’s making a living as an analyst for ESPN. Each and every Monday night, Lewis joins Trent Dilfer and Steve Young on MNF countdown for a little pregame talk.

Thus far, Lewis hasn’t gotten too out of control while on camera. He feels strongly that the NFL is becoming too soft and he often stands up for defenders that have been accused of illegal/dirty hits. The legendary linebacker often uses the phrase: ‘where’s he supposed to hit him?’ Well, that was again the case in week 11.

Lewis went off on the topic of Ahmad Brooks‘ hit on Drew Brees. Brooks of course hit Brees around the neck and received a 15-yard penalty that changed the entire course of the 49ers/Saints game on Sunday afternoon. There’s talk now that Brooks could even receive a fine from the NFL. The thought of a fine for such a hit did not sit well with Lewis. As a result, he’s offered to pay half of any fine levied against Brooks.

You can call it cool, stupid or whatever you want, but you have to give credit to Lewis for standing up for what he believes in (old school football).


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