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5 Reasons Seattle Seahawks Will Raise the Lombardi Trophy

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5 Reasons Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Be the Last Team Standing

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Entering the 2013 season, the Seattle Seahawks were favored by many to win the Super Bowl, and through the first 11 weeks of the season I don’t think that has changed. Now that division rival San Francisco 49ers have practically rolled over and allowed Seattle to run away with the NFC West, the Seahawks are virtually guaranteed a playoff spot. Now the last six weeks will determine which seed the Seahawks end up with in the postseason.

Percy Harvin returned this past week, and that just makes the already dangerous 10-1 Seahawks that much more potent. Seattle has what could be considered the best secondary in the league, if not the best defense all together. Pete Carroll has emerged as one of the best head coaches in the NFL today, and his intensity and charisma has carried over onto the field through his players. The Seahawks may be up and down on the road, but at home they are unbeatable. Each home game the Seahawks play continues to show that.

There are quite a few decent teams in the NFC, but the Seahawks trump each and every one of them. In Week 13 the New Orleans Saints have a chance to attempt to put a chink in Seattle’s armor in a game that could determine home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. If the Seahawks can defeat the Saints and can clinch home-field advantage, there isn’t much that will stop Seattle from playing in New Jersey.

Including home-field advantage, these are the five reasons we should expect to see the Seahawks lifting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year.

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5. Percy Harvin's Return

Percy Harvin's Return
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If you thought the 10-1 Seahawks couldn't get any better, you were wrong. Harvin's return to the field makes Seattle's offense that much more dangerous.

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4. Beastmode

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Temperatures drop and snow may even fly in the playoffs. That's when running the ball comes in handy and Marshawn Lynch's "beastmode" is exactly what the Seahawks will need.

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3. Defense

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The Seahawks' secondary is the best in the league, but it doesn't stop there. From top to bottom Seattle's defense is arguably the best in all of football, and it's a big reason why Seattle can go all the way.

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2. Russell Wilson's Maturation

Russell Wilson's Maturation
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No sophomore slump for this guy. Wilson continues to do his thing on the field, and as his confidence grows so will his ability. For a second year player, Russell sure shows a lot of maturity on the field.

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1. Home-Field Advantage

Home Field Advantage
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If Seattle stays on pace and gains home-field advantage in the playoffs, it's all over for the NFC. The Seahawks just don't lose at home, plain and simple.