Carolina Panthers Are the Best Team In the NFC

By Mark Wilson
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If you want to complain about a flag then complain about the flag. But if you want to give praise to one of the best games this season then please continue to read on.

The talk on my job was that “Cam Newton would not put up more points than Tom Brady because all Newton can do is run the ball.” Spencer did have a point that Newton can run the ball but his statement also showed me that he has not watched a Carolina Panthers game this season so I continued to prep my station and told him I would see him after my two off days.

Newton did run in this game — not because he chose to but because he was forced to do so. Newton also passed because he chose to and the New England Patriots probably wished Newton had run more. Newton picked apart the Patriots defense with sharp passing and timely runs to extend drives. If there was any doubt about the maturity of Newton, I believe those doubts were put to rest after the game.

During the six-game winning streak the questions were asked about the respectability of the teams they defeated. The last two weeks those questions were answered and then some. The defeat of the San Fransisco 49ers got the Panthers some attention, but the defeat of the Patriots has opened the eyes of every player and fan of the NFL.

The talk is going to be about that flag that was thrown at the end of the game. In my opinion, the right call was not to even throw a flag so the referee picking it up was the right call to make. I’m not going to get into it too deeply, but it was a great defensive play and a poorly thrown ball from Brady. If they want to talk they can also talk about that bad pass interference call that happen a few plays earlier that got the Patriots in the position to even make that late game throw.

It’s okay to admit that Newton and the Panthers beat America’s favorite boy and team, Brady and the Patriots. The defense is the real deal, just ask the 49ers and the Patriots since those are the only teams everyone feels the Panthers get respect for beating. I will say this only once so listen good. You can keep disrespecting their record, finding flaws in Newton’s game or talk about the attitude problems of their star wide receiver. But no one seems to want to talk about the unselfishness of their running backs who split time and never complain about their touches. Or about Steve Smith, who just goes out every week and plays hard and never complains to the media whether he catches one pass or 12. Or about Ron Rivera, who has earned the trust of his players after a dismal start that had people calling for his firing. And what about the Panthers’ defense which is never mentioned when talk about the best always leads fans to the Seattle Seahawks, New Orleans Saints or the Kansas City Chiefs? As a fan, I say keep it coming because by the time you realize how good this team is they will be holding the Lombardi Trophy in New York. I will be laughing while I type up the article “5 Reasons Why The Carolina Panthers Beat The Denver Broncos In The Super Bowl.”

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