Denver Broncos: Eric Decker Could Take Advantage of Wes Welker's Injury

By Tylor Walden

One of the best slot receivers has suffered a concussion, which could mean good news for the Denver Broncos‘ No. 2 wide-out.

During Sunday’s win against the Kansas City Chiefs, Wes Welker suffered a concussion. This is a huge deal for the team, as they have suffered an injury to one of the best slot receivers, and could also lose emerging tight end Julius Thomas to a knee strain. So, where does Eric Decker fit into this conversation? If for some reason Welker misses time, there could be a lot of footballs thrown Decker’s way. I would probably see Decker take over in the slot and have Andre Caldwell opposite side of Demaryius Thomas in the passing game.

Decker has a lot of upside. While they might not stick him in the slot, he should get a lot of chances when it comes to Peyton Manning looking towards him more in the passing game, especially in the red zone. There has been so many times that I have seen replays and seen that Decker was wide open. Had Manning taken the extra second and looked towards Decker, it would not even a question as to whether or not he can make plays in the open to get himself open, or just in single coverage.

I know I have talked about Decker quite a bit, but he deserves chances in the passing game, and Welker’s injury could be a blessing in disguise for Decker. Since Welker came to Denver, we have seen his numbers take a huge hit, especially in the touchdowns. I would not be surprised in the slightest if Decker goes off and helps the team win next weekend’s game against the New England Patriots if Welker is out. We shall see and monitor Welker’s status, but it will be interesting to see how the game plan changes due to the injury.

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