Green Bay Packers Cannot Function Without Aaron Rodgers

By Ryan Wenzell
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It is almost sad trying to see the Green Bay Packers attempt to play and win games without their leader and best player, quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Right now it is hard for them to even compete in games let alone win them.

Scott Tolzien has taken over at quarterback, and he is simply a third stringer who has no business starting a stretch of games. Knowing how important Rodgers is to the franchise, the Packers did a poor job of providing insurance for their star quarterback.

There should have been a more cognizant effort to either draft a quarterback or acquire one in the offseason to protect themselves. As we see around the league backup quarterbacks are extremely important to an organization. The Chicago Bears are thriving despite their franchise guy being shelved because they have a great backup in Josh McCown.

He has already led them to a few victories and looks to be thriving in Marc Trestman‘s offense. The Packers are the exact opposite. They have no one even close to Rodgers on their entire roster.

Rodgers is said to be coming back some time around Thanksgiving at the earliest. Unfortunately, for the Packers and their fans by then it may be too late. The Packers are now 5-5 and by the time Rodgers comes back could be easily two or three games back in their division with only four games to play.

That’s a near insurmountable deficit to make up. If anyone can pull it off, though, it is Rodgers. Unfortunately, it may just be too little too late for the guy who may be the most important player to his team of anyone in the league.

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