Letter With Tim Tebow Photo and White Powder Causes Evacuation of City Hall

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Tebow
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Even though he hasn’t been relevant in the NFL for a couple of years now, Tim Tebow still finds his way into the news on a fairly regular basis. This time, it’s for something completely unrelated to football.

A letter was recently sent to Jersey City-City Hall and addressed to Mayor Steven Fulop. The letter contained white powder and a picture of the famous QB. An aide apparently opened the letter and after white powder fell out, she called the authorities. The building was then evacuated as a bomb squad and other emergency units flooded in. Ultimately, the white powder was found to be non-harmful and everything returned to normal.

As far as the subject matter of the letter that was sent to Mayor Fulop, it’s being kept under wraps. However, it’s being reported that the letter was spiritual in nature. That would explain why a Tebow picture was used. After all, he’s no doubt a poster child for faith…

The latest Tebow-NFL rumors and talk still revolves around the Jacksonville Jaguars. Fans have now taken out a newspaper ad to plead with owner Shadid Khan to sign the free agent quarterback. In return, they’ve promised to fill the Jaguars’ stadium (something that hasn’t been happening in 2013). I’m going to remain doubtful that the Jags will ink Tebow, but I think it makes sense to sign him if it will help put people in the seats over the team’s final three home games.


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