New England Patriots Got The Shaft, But Should Have Played Better

By Carter Roane
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots lost their Monday night game against the Carolina Panthers on the last play of the game with no time left on a very controversial call. There is no mistaking that the Patriots got robbed on that last play, however, if New England had played better throughout the game, the last play controversy wouldn’t have mattered.

The offense quite simply never really showed up. You kept on waiting for Tom Brady to make some big plays, and it never happened. It seemed like almost every possession that New England had, before long they were punting and it was Carolina’s ball. This season, it just has felt like Brady has two receivers that he can count on to catch the ball — one is Danny Amendola, who has been hurt more often than not, and Rob Gronkowski, who is still trying to get back into mid-season form. The Patriots’ defense has just not been that good all season, with too many injuries to key players.

New England seems to be relying too much on Patriots’ magic from years past, when they would make some huge play or big drive. That isn’t working this year. They find themselves too far behind, or their opponent ends up getting a key touchdown at the last minute while the Patriots sit there hoping for another miracle to happen.

The referees blew it on that last call. They kept on saying that the ball was uncatchable for Gronkowski; of course it was when you have a player basically restraining him so he had no chance of even getting near the ball. If you wanted to see the definition of the word manhandled, just look at that play. Furthermore, the referees gave no good explanation after the game about what happened, leaving a lot of people very confused. Everyone who is involved in the game, participating or watching, is entitled to an explanation right away.

So, Patriots fans, this is what Oakland Raiders fans felt like after the Tuck Rule. Not a good feeling, is it?

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